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2014 -- By equity transfer for company restructuring, it became a milestone in the history of                                development of Indserve, a new page opened from then on. Indserve was facing the                                 opportunities and challenges of the future.

2013 -- Indserve Shanghai logistic center was extended again into 4,000 m2 of storage area, in                            order to serve TDSCDMA and TDELTE projects.

2012 -- Passed the recheck for Beijing high-tech enterprise, awarded the certificate continuously.

             Became the qualified supplier of Google for repairing service.

             Awarded the second title of Outstanding Supplier by DT Mobile

2011 -- Became the certified supplier of Honeywell

             Built-up business partnership with SIEMENS Group

             Became the certified supplier of CAMERON

2010 -- Became the certified supplier of Tektronix

             Became the qualified supplier of Goldwind

contact number:86-10-57812318

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