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Supply Chain Management (SCM)


The first case that Indserve provided SCM service was at the telecom industry. Our client is a telecommunications industry company in China operating for more than ten years. Due to rapid changes in the market environment, its operating income declined obviously. At that time, there were hundreds of companies in its supplier list, both at local and abroad. Because of the different parts needed different ways of storage and transport, purchasing plan became complicated, damage and waste was very serious, and so all these virtually caused great economic losses.

Looking for a high efficiency, saving, reasonable, and accurate procurement plan became the priority of the enterprise. As a professional SCM service provider, Indserve, through customized supply chain improvement scheme, successfully replaced the previous hundreds of suppliers and made cost reduction, product localization, customized packaging, JIT delivery service… A series of effective measures made customer save procurement costs significantly and successfully. Until today, the customer is still using this solution, and gets our continuous optimization and improvement.


contact number:86-10-57812318

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