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       Beijing Indserve Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. is the domestic top-ranking outsourcing service provider, relying on strong ERP management system, committed to provide different kinds of outsourcing services including system integration, technical support, assembly and processing services, and supply chain management. For more than ten years, Indserve focused on serving all kinds of international and domestic enterprises, through consolidating and optimizing customers' supply chain processes and management patterns, helped many customers gain more value enhancement and better financial performance.

       Indserve is located in Beijing Huairou Economic Development Zone, covers an area of 45 acres, except 22,000 square meters of potential storage area to be developed. In the current field, it includes the open office area of 1000 square meters, 6000 square meters of warehouse and production area, and the wooden case production workshop of 1000 square meters. It is also the logistics center of Indserve. In addition, it also has a business center at Beijing Wangjing business area, and two logistics storage and processing centers in Beijing Beiqing Road Industrial Park and Shanghai Pudong Waigaoqiao separately.

       As the company's English translation, one side, Indserve is the combination of “Inside” and “Serve”, intended to fusion within the customer's inside and based on the deep understanding of customer’s own operation process and management concept, in order to provide customized outsourcing services as a whole solution. Indserve is, on the other side, a combination of “Industry” and “Serve”, and devoted ourselves to industrial areas as a professional service provider. Reliable and innovation are our deep-rooted corporate philosophy, and are aimed at continuously providing innovative services to our customers based on reliable products, processing, service and process management. 

contact number:86-10-57812318

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