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Beijing Indserve Tech Co., Ltd (called Indserve) is an one-stop supply chain management service platform provider. Indserve has been dedicated to provide customized supply chain solutions to the customers in diversified industries. We accomplish this by offering full-line services of planning, purchasing, inventory management, VMI, product quality control, pick & pack, customized assembly, delivery, Just-in-time delivery, project on site service, multi-logistic service. For more than 20 years, Indserve has focused on serving various international and domestic enterprises and improving work efficiency through data flow docking. The Strict quality control system has ensured the quality commitment to customers. A full range of outsourcing services helps customers to reduce operation costs. The supplier chain management system ensures timely delivery to customers. The financial information docking helps to releases the financial pressure of customers. Indserve has greatly improved customer satisfaction through comprehensive services and established long-term stable strategic partnership with customers.

The business center of Indserve is in Wangjing SOHO of Beijing and the  operation & logistic center is located in Huairou economic development zone of Beijing with 3 hectares area. The office, production facility and warehouse occupies a space of about 10,000 square meters.  Indserve has another operation and logistic center in Shanghai as well.

As a supply chain management service provider, Indserve has provided our services to both international and local customers with the international quality standard. One year after its established, Indserve got the ISO9000 quality certification. Indserve obtained the ISO14001 and TL9000certificationa in the following years. From the point of production manufactory management, Indserve got the “Work Safety Standardization”certification from Beijing government. All the above certifications has been maintained up to now.

Indserve has been working for telecommunication customers and industrial customers for more 20 years. We have gathered not only supply chain management experience, but also operation professionals, technical experts and supply chain solution specialists. Our goal is to provide one-stop supply chain solution platform which drive efficiency and effectiveness to benefit your business.



contact number:86-10-57812318

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